The Jewel of Morro Bay

Six word story: Flirting with sea lions, bad idea. 

Welcome to Morro Bay. Dory does not live here.

I went here looking for Dory and Nemo. Instead, I found sea lions and sea otters swimming idyllically. The sea lions were immune to humans, while the otters were uneasy about us.

I am not a big fan of sea lions because of my history with one. Up close, they were not that cute. They were stinky creatures that took pleasure in fully displaying their large, clumsy bodies before you. I am, however, in awe of how they maneuvered on the rocky shoreline.  They would occasionally sing to each other, or howled at people who were within close proximity. These creatures actually have a restraining order against us. Humans have to stay at least a good distance or risk getting fined!

The Jewel of Morro Bay is a large volcanic rock that stands out in the water. Some million years ago, it was an active volcano.  There is a road from the shore that leads to it. My imagination had told me that, if I followed the road to the rock, I would find a mysterious side of Morro Bay. May be Dory and Nemo will be there?

Sea otters!

It was grey and foggy when we drove to the rock. Large sea birds hovered about, and there was construction. Nothing mysterious was brewing. But, it did offer a nice scenic view of the town behind it.  Also, a cute group of sea otters were hanging out in the small bay nearby.

Another highlight was seafood was cheap! Yes, I pigged out. How could I not? Freshly grilled sea scallops, swordfish, barbecue oysters, fish and chips, and yellow tail poke… my mouth is watering as I reminisce.

Freshly grilled giant scallops. I miss you.

Morro Bay is a great seaside town to park your sleek sailboat (if you have one), take a sea-kayak out into the water and float. Your worries are forgotten, until a sea lion howls, rudely snapping you back to reality.

P.S.  There is an aquarium in Morro Bay, but it is not the “aquarium” as the hotel receptionist forewarned.

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